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The 10 Hottest Women From Around The World

Beautiful women have inspired musicians, artists, and poets for thousands of years – so why not travellers?  We’ve picked 10 of the world’s hottest women and done some research into their hometowns.  And do you know what?  These places are definitely worth checking out.  Just like the women who’ve made them famous!  Click ‘Next’ to see 10 of the hottest women from around the world. - See more at:


Sophia Vergara was born in Barranquilla, Colombia.  The fun loving actress and comedienne may have gotten some of her party spirit from the city’s bustling ‘Carnaval de Barranquilla.’  This four-day celebration showcases the best the city has to offer – including plenty of parades, dances, concerts and cultural displays that take place all over town. - See more at:


Elisha Cuthbert – Canada Calgary, Alberta, Canada is known for it’s annual Stampede and the Rocky Mountains.  It’s also the birthplace of Canadian actress, Elisha Cuthbert.  Rising to fame after starring as Kim Bauer in the popular television series 24, Elisha is currently living in her home country with her professional hockey-player husband, Dion Phaneuf.  The couple split their time between Toronto, and New London Prince Edward Island.  It doesn’t get much more Canadian than that! - See more at:

Penelope Cruz – Spain Born in Alcobendas, just outside of Madrid, Spain, Penelope Cruz’s first showbiz ambition was to be a dancer – not an actress.  In fact, she studied classical ballet for nine year’s at Spain’s National Conservatory.  However, Spain is probably best known for another kind of dance – flamenco – and Madrid is home to one of the most famous flamenco tablaos in the world, Corral de la Moreria. - See more at:


Margot Robbie – Australia Australian actress Margot Robbie grew up on Queensland’s Gold Coast, where she split her time between the beach and her grandparents’ farm.  With plenty of theme parks, and beaches – including Surfer’s Paradise – the Gold Coast is a popular Australian tourist destination that offers lots of opportunities for fun in the sun.  While visiting the Gold Coast, don’t forget to visit Hinterland, known for its national parks and natural beauty. - See more at:


Charlize Theron – South Africa Charlize Theron grew up on her parents’ farm in Benoni, South Africa, near Johannesburg.  The star is the first South African to win an Oscar for Best Actress, accepting the award for her critically acclaimed performance in Monster.  Active in supporting many causes, including PETA, it’s possible the actress’s love of animals began in her childhood hometown.  Benoni boasts more horse stables per square kilometer than anywhere in the southern hemisphere. - See more at:

Kate Beckinsale – England Kate Beckinsale is a constant presence on ‘sexiest women’ lists, most likely for her ability to be both strong and sweet.  Getting her big break in Pearl Harbour, and Serendipity, Kate went on to star in plenty of action films, including Underworld and Van Helsing.  Growing up north of London in England, Kate has admitted she always wanted to be an actress.  However, most people from her Finsbury Park neighborhood are probably more obsessed with another form of entertainment – football.  The Arsenal FC is a short walk from the Finsbury Park tube station – if you’re lucky enough to get a ticket! - See more at:

Lupita Nyong’o – Kenya Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has dual Mexican and Kenyan citizenship. Though she was born in Mexico City, Mexico, Lupita and her family returned to Nairobi, Kenya when she was less than a year old.  The largest and fastest growing city in the country, Nairobi is also known as the safari capital of Africa, as its surrounded by the cliffs, plains and forest that make up the Nairobi National Park.  Home to large herds of zebra, lion, giraffes, and other natural wildlife, the park features an animal orphanage, and an educational center that focuses on habitat conservation. - See more at:


Gisele Bundchen – Brazil Brazil is famous for it’s fabulous beaches, hot weather, and even hotter women – though none is more recognized than Gisele Bundchen.  Born and raised in Horizontina, a southern region in Brazil with a large German population, Gisele moved to Sao Paulo to launch her modeling career when she was just 14.  The largest city in Brazil, Sao Paulo is world renown for it’s exceptional restaurants, parks, and cultural centers. - See more at:


Heidi Klum – Germany Supermodel and television host Heidi Klum was born and raised in Bergisch Gladbach, a town outside of Cologne, Germany.  Though Heidi is probably best known for stripping down – for the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and as a Victoria’s Secret Angel – visitors will want to bundle up for Cologne’s biggest party. The Winter Carnival (or Fastelovend) is one of the city’s best-loved traditions, with more than 1.5 million people lining the streets to watch the parade every year. - See more at:


Rihanna – Barbados With its hot weather and beautiful beaches, Barbados is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.  It’s also the hometown of one of music’s hottest singers, Rihanna, who was born in the parish of St. Michael.  The port of St. Michael is the international seaport of Barbados, and therefore the primary stop for cruise ships arriving or departing the country.  In fact, Rihanna got her big break after meeting vacationing music producer, Evan Rogers, through mutual friends. - See more at: